Happy Parents, Happy Child.

“ You're late.” “I know, I had work.” “Again.?”

“What do you mean by ‘Again’? It's what I do to earn. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like without this mess,” he said.

“You dare not call a loving wife, a two year old baby and a warm dinner for you each night a MESS! If anyone’s in a mess, IT’S ME!”

“I'm not interested in getting into this conversation after a long hard day. Lets’ just eat whatever you have cooked and get to bed, I'm tired,” he replied.

“Dinner's in the microwave. Eat whatever you want.” She retorted.

While the couple here seems to be having a private conversation, little do they realize that though their two year old may not understand their exact words, he knows that tonight mommy does not like daddy .

Children can pick up negative vibrations from the tone of your voice and your body language even if they can't comprehend your words. An unhappy home leads to an insecure child, low self esteem and poor confidence.

I’m sure, like parents the world over, you too want your child to be emotionally secure, confident and most of all, happy.

The key to a happy child is - happy parents.

When he sees that his parents love and respect each other, your child grows up in a secure and carefree atmosphere.

Conflicts in the home, on the other hand, have a negative impact on a young mind. Constant bickering among parents, especially in the presence of a child is a common reason for a child's disturbed and depressed mental state.

However, if you and your spouse have a healthy relationship and express your love for each other regularly in front of your child, it will make him / her emotionally secure.

The best gift that you can give your child is respect and love for each other and what you'll get in return is a strong emotional bond with your child.

The most appropriate time for intimate moments between you and your child is while putting your child to sleep or when he has just woken up.

It is important that both of you as parents, play, joke, laugh and have fun with your child together before putting him/ her to sleep.

This will ensure that your child is joyful and sleeps peacefully.

However, if there is an existent strain in your relationship, it is up to you to clear and forget your differences, for the sake of your child’s happiness.

This is not always easy as the cause for such strain is lack of understanding between couples. There is a need for personal space and freedom between the two. Couples often suffer from an inability to accept each other for who they are.

To deal with issues such as these, you as husband and wife must learn to accept the other for who they are. Acceptance is the virtue which one attains only when one endeavors to walk on the spiritual path. This path becomes much smoother when both husband and wife are on it together, introspecting and meditating.

To understand how to accept another human being, we must first understand the intricacies of human nature and how one aspect of it affects another.

Every individual has both male and female domains within them. In the case of men, their male side is more dominant. i.e., the energy that denotes ambition, creativity and vision are associated with males.

The female domain denotes practicality, modesty and a down to earth nature. It's not that males have only male domain qualities and females exhibit only those of feminine traits. Each male has a lesser female domain in him and each woman has a less dominant male side to her nature too.

Both these energies are essential for a healthy and wholesome upbringing of your child. He must experience and receive energies from both his mother and father, failing which; he will grow up with varied and extreme emotions.

Having said this, we must understand that this world is not perfect and there are families that are living in separation either due to incompatibility of parents or if the careers of both or either parent does not allow them to live together. In case of such fractured families, it is advisable to be honest and straightforward with the child, without getting into intricate details of the deteriorating relationship.

By doing this, the child will be aware of the situation and will not expect too much from his parents. A good way to explain a situation to a child is to sit him down and explain saying “Look dear, I need you to understand that though your father and I love you very much, we are two different people. We are doing our best to understand each other and it will happen soon. But till it does, I need you to support us with your understanding.”

Children are very sensitive to their surroundings and the happier you make your home, the more secure and confident your child will grow up to be. A child coming from a home where everyone loves each other and display affection for one another openly will have a well rounded and amiable personality. So keep the vibes in your home positive and the hugs, never-ending!

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