Five fundamental educations

Akash:Means Space. It represents Freedom and Silence. This element infuses peace and tranquillity in the atmosphere where the child remains calm, composed, relaxed and happy. A serene ambience is instrumental in creating confidence and joy and serves as an important part of the overall growth of a student.

Vayu:A peaceful and happy child bonds easily with others. The Vayu or Air element offers the base for connecting and touching others’ heart and soul through love. Children enrich themselves with lots of friends and loving family around them. Expressing love, compassion, respect and concern for nature and people around them, helps the child to be joyful and enthusiastic leading to effortless learning.

Agni:Agni or Fire element represents energy and alertness. Enthusiasm, curiosity and a sense of purpose instils leadership and entrepreneurial qualities amongst the young minds. Children learn to create opportunities for growth for one and all.

Jal:Jal means water which represents Taste for Excellence. Rishi Gurukulam inspires children to be active contenders, encouraging the child to give his 100 percent in whatever he does, add value wherever he goes and appreciate the beauty all around him.

Prithvi:Prithvi means the earth element which is symbolic of action and physical work. It represents Seva Bhav (sense of service). Being a down-to-earth individual and serving everyone irrespective of the background of people is the highest value inculcated at Rishi Gurukulam. Children take up projects of meaningful value for the benefit of society and all humanity.

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