Rishi Gurukulam with 100% Memory Programme

Schools with 100% Memory Programme ! Is it really possible?

How is SSY 100% Memory Programme different from rote learning?

Memorizing and writing without understanding is a last ditch effort for those who cannot understand but some how they have to get marks.

Why should you memorize if you understand?

Understanding, writing the exam and forgetting - is what we normally do. Understanding, applying and remembering the knowledge forever can only make the learning complete. If the matter is not of great importance and can be forgotten without consequence then such matter need not find a place in textbooks for children.

Remembering every thing in the textbooks - will it not cause unnecessary load on the mind?

We have two kinds of memory – Conscious and Sub Conscious. Conscious memory is like the RAM in the computer. It is used for short term and can get overloaded. Subconscious memory is infinite like the hard disk. We can remember whole encyclopedias without effort - If we can programme the information in Subconscious. It takes time to programme the Subconscious and that is only the limitation.

How fast can we programme the subconscious mind with a year’s textbooks?

First of all the student has to understand the new knowledge and get proper connection with his old knowledge. Then he has to make detailed mind maps. Then he has to review these mind maps several hundred times. Normally it takes about 30 days of preparation time for 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th children.

Rest of the year they review and work on applications and on exams. This exercises takes about 2 to 3 hours per day. Rest of the time is for other learning’s like physical development, seva activities to the community, inter school sports, drama, debate, quiz, dance, music, foreign languages, shilpa sastra, working with teracota, stone, metal etc. people can come and see this 100% Memory programme in our school.

Can other Schools take-up 100% Memory Education?

Our intention is to provide this knowledge to all schools. Many schools are coming forward to introduce this programme. We have Summer camps for children starting from April 15th for 60 Days for children going to 9th, 10th Std. This will provide a good base even if they are not studying at Rishi Gurukulam.

When were you successful in implementing this programme?

We have been experimenting from 1997. We have been successful to train even average students in our school in the last 2 years from 2003.

What would be the difference between those who has studied by 100% Memory method and other students in their future life?.

Normal students would have forgotten almost everything within three years and they will look more and more uneducated as days pass by. Students with 100% Memory will become brighter and brighter and will be in the fore front of research and knowledge.

What you have done is an unbelievable revolution in education. How could you accomplish this?

I got the clues from our Vedic Pundits who remember huge texts of Vedas forever. Similarly the Holy Quran has been memorized by millions of people. We have applied similar methods to all the Sciences and Mathematics also. The process is the well known Shravana, Manana and Nidhidhyasa.

Does it interfere with the thinking power of the child ?

It actually increases the thinking power and makes the child smart as many Facts,Process and Methods are at his fingertips. You can remember not only facts but also procedures for solving problems

Why this method has not been applied in education before?

Because many times rote memory has been equated to panditya (wisdom). Many times people have memorized without understanding and do not know its application.

As a result educationist found it necessary to emphasis understanding. Now they have gone over board and totally dismantled memory. Now we are just understanding and forgetting. Now, after a few years no graduate is in a position to answer their question papers (even with reasonable extra time) for which they were awarded a degree. Our effort is to bring back genuine degrees.

Possibilities of 100% Memory:


Guruji, for the first time, Rapid Comprehension and Review Technique has made it possible for us to have 100% memory. What impact can it have on the present education system? What are future possibilities in terms of both learning and application?


The first and foremost impact of this is that children will be carrying certificates that are true. So we will be bringing a higher level of truth into the education system.

They cannot be true unless knowl-edge has gone deep into the sub-conscious and is remembered.

Most of us have certificates that are not true. Why I say our certificates are ‘false’ is because they do not reflect real learning. As of now, the caliber of training is not ascertained. But, we can guarantee that in future it will be so.

So children will be very great masters, very superior children, and with that kind of qualification const-antly supporting them, they will be more into education, more into learning, and also be more capable of learning.

The limits of their application will expand a million fold. They will make very intelligent judgments and very soon a new race of Rishis will evolve from our systems.

Knowledge will be a very important factor. Right now earning is an important factor. Later, learning will be an important factor.

This means a very big shift will take place in human conscio-usness, where truth will become very important.

So much of what we are witnessing today in the world is mainly because of a lack of commitment to truth, as comfort, money, power have become more important than truth. So it leads to a lot of contradictions and stress, which are very difficult to handle.

When truth becomes important a lot of harmony will develop. Certainly an elevation of consciousness and elevation of knowledge will yield a better world.

Very significant changes will happen and with great ease. But for this we will have to wait and see. I wish I am there to see the great feats of our children in the next 10 to 20 years.

Today the system is examination oriented and encourages corruption. Evaluators are corrupt, and because of the 35% pass percentage, even children have started becoming corrupt. When education itself is 100% we will produce very capable children. This is certainly an improvement, not devolution.

Some people ask whether this will bring too much strain on the child.

Actually it is very easy. Children learn very fast because they have a raised consciousness to support them.

Our experiments have shown that unless there is a high energy of love, fraternity, sharing and help, this kind of performance from children is not possible.

So, in addition to speedy learning, they also learn to understand what it is to cooperate, how things become more and more easy at higher levels of consciousness and higher levels of living, and this will have a very great impact on the rest of their lives.

The joyousness that they experience in these 40 days of RCRT is so immense, that schools will no more be able to imprison them. They will be very bubbly children; it will be something very fantastic for us to see.

The schools will have more interesting things to do than to simply dictate from the textbooks, it will become more discovery and application oriented through more project work.

Some may require a little more training, but there will be nothing like an under-achiever.

Maybe, the word ‘under-achievers’ will itself disappear because very ordinary children will be able to reach that 100% level

The Secret of 100% Memory - Left & Right Brain Thinking:

I have been working with 100% memory programme for over 3 decades. I found that hardly any adult beyond 15 years of age succeeded in mastering a text.

I wondered why this is so. Now I think i have some important clues and i would like to share it with you.

A two year old child will easily learn the language of a new place within a month or two. Adults find it a mountainous task. Why?

Children use right brain while an adult uses left brain. Let me illustrate the difference. Child simply swallows all the words thrown at him by shear repetition. It does not question why? Having absorbed plenty of words, its brain simply makes up the grammar with available facts. No child learns the grammar before speaking it.
The left brain logic is a result of observation of hundreds of words in its vocabulary. Child does not ask why? It simply takes what it hears as truth. Whatever teacher says is truth. It will not question the teacher's statements. It believes whatever mother says as truth.

This process is alive of right brain acceptance until they become adults at puberty.

It is a time when the child is moved to look out for itself and liberates itself from the dependence on mother, father and also teachers.

Now the child asks questions before accepting a fact. Child is no more vulnerable. This is when left brain takes over as commander and all acceptance activities are halted. Now his learning is difficult and very few intelligent ones jump and take over leadership.
That is why mind settling, intellect opening knowledge is given to the child at this age. This is called Brahmopadesam. This is the secret of India's success as the nation of Intelligent people. This happens to be 12 years of age when most children are in 7th standard.
I found that this is the time to teach them the 100% memory technology. Their right brain is still active and the left brain is getting activated. This is when they begin to understand the subject first and then put it into memory. In right brain thinking, they put it into memory first then they understand what they are repeating. This is a crucial age. If you don't catch them here, they are lost forever.
At the Gurukulam we do a ceremony where they undergo a 16 days process for keeping the right brain open called Gayatri Upadesha. We also teach them how to enter into the silence of Samadhi.

These two processes and the technology of effortless reading and effortless repetition makes the child a genius. He/she will understand, remember and apply what they have learnt effortlessly as a game and enjoy their studies so much that in 8th std they complete their yearly syllabus in less than 30 days.
Gayatri mantra has the purport that “May God expand my intellect and make me intelligent”. The sound pattern is also designed by the Great Rishi Viswamitra to generate vibrations that will keep the intellect open to absorb new knowledge effortlessly. We have to do some more research work on this mantra to understand how it makes a person intelligent by mere repetition. Any race of men who uses this mantra must evolve to be a more intelligent race. This hypothesis is to be tested.
When a student puts his conscious knowledge into the subconscious memory, he has practically altered his genes. The system is able to recapitulate the material effortlessly and make it available to the conscious mind once a few pointers are estab-lished. Whole chapters and texts can be repeated to the amaze-ment of the untrained.
Here we are looking at the possibility of a genius human race . I would have been a great genius engineer only if I could remember all the formulae that was at my finger tips when I studied Engineering. Now I am in no state to study and understand them again if I devote several weeks to the subject.
Let the children of today lead mankind to greater heights than ever before. We are fortunate that these children also evolve into more humane beings by the same practices. Non-violence and sharing will be the hall mark of the new generation to come.

Left brain untempered by right brain is the cause of violence around the world. Thinking without love is a demon. Culturing and technology will go hand in hand from now on.

Importance of Intelligence Training & Memory:

Education, has two aspects to it, Vidya and Avidya. Avidya is everything that we learn of the external world, through a repetitive process; through practice. Vidya is something one learns from going inwards. Avidya - has to be supported by Vidya. Let us understand this: - How do we know that a boy has passed the 7th standard and is capable of going to the 8th standard? The answer could be because he has got 35% marks! We may question as to why the pass percentage is 35% and not 70% or 80% or even 100%? A simple technique to test him would be to give him textbooks of the eighth standard and see if he is able to understand them by himself. If he does, it proves that he has absorbed what he learnt in the previous class, for each set of books is an upgrade and a connection to the last class. It shows that the boy has a sufficient base of the seventh standard.
Most people think that intelligence makes a person successful! The more intelligent the person is, the more degrees he will get, the more prosperous he will get, the better he will get along in life. If they find that their child does not come first, second or third, then they start worrying that their child is not so intelligent.
Actually intelligence, though con-sidered important, is not so very important. Lets look at two students: one a 10th standard topper and the other a good B.Sc. first class student. If both are given 2 - days preparatory time to appear for the final year B.Sc. paper, who will fare better? Obviously, it will be the B.Sc. student even though he may not as smart as the 10th standard one. How did he fare better than the intelligent student? It was his training, which compensated for his intelligence.
So it is not mere intelligence, but training that makes a person smart. If your child is not very intelligent, you need not worry because by training he can always compensate intelligence and become smarter. We do not evaluate a person on the basis of his intelligence through an IQ test. We do so on the basis of the degrees they have accumulated through training and allow them to qualify. Hence, training becomes very important as it compensates for intelligence. A person can become smarter, even though he is not intelligent, by virtue of training.
Lets look at two persons trained in B.Sc., one a first ranker A, and B, the other a first class student The first ranker A, does not use his B.Sc. training and his attention is diverted elsewhere, while the other, B, regularly uses his B.Sc. knowledge. After 3 years, the person B will naturally, remember his studies, while the first ranker A would have forgotten them. So the person who remembers his training and uses his knowledge, is the one who rightly deserves the degree. The other one was smart but became dumb because he forgot to use his knowledge.
So, is mere training important or is memory more important? I say, memory is more important. What ever you have studied, you must remember or you will be dull. Thus memory is more important than training, and training is more important than intelligence. Unfortunately most of our education today, has been reduced to understanding and forgetting. We have lost the ability to remember. But, following the Vedic pattern, our Gurukuls have a very different system. Whatever the student learns, he will remember till the end of his life.
He will not forget. His every cell, every DNA, every gene will know this Mantra. It has not just remained in his conscious mind, but has gone deep down to his subconscious level. For the other student, it remained at the conscious level for some time and was then forgotten. It did not get into his genes; it did not get into his subconscious.
The subconscious is an important part of the Gurukul system, which we are reviving. It is possible for every student to get back to a 100% Memory level irrespective of whether it relates to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or any other subject. What is required is that all that you have studied should become a part of you. It is possible and we are training our students this way. Our system makes it possible, and this is the big advancement we have made in the field of education.
It usually takes about a month, to a month and a half to train and finish the syllabus, to ensure that by the year-end it would have gone into their subconscious. Initially, we were able to train children who had a good base, but the question was how to train an entire school. Children averaging 60 to 70 or 80% could be pushed to 100%, but what about those who did not have that kind of a base.
The challenge lay in building their base so that all the children of the class would come up to this 100% level. We have successfully experimented in the last three to four years and are now in a position to pass it on to all the children, to thereby change an entire system.
So you have understood that training is more important than intelligence and memory is more important than training. It’s like in the Mahabharat; Karna was a very great warrior, a master who knew everything, even better than Arjuna. But when it came to the crucial moment, he forgot the mantra. Five minutes earlier he knew the mantra, 5 minutes later he knew it, but at the crucial moment he forgot the mantra even though it was at his subconscious level.
Why did it happen? Even though it was in his sub-conscious mind, when it came to his conscious mind, his mind was disturbed, so it came back to him in a distorted way. This is what is happening to all our children also. Before the examination they know their matter, but during the exam they write something else. The conscious mind has to be very, very clear. If the screen of the mind is distorted - the picture of what they have put there, also gets distorted and they get a wrong answer. So what is very important for the children, before they get into the examination hall, is to be able to tune their mind so that the conscious mind becomes absolutely quiet, and all the sub-conscious information can flow out freely.
How to make your mind calm and quiet is an expertise, a part of Vidya, to be achieved through Samadhi Meditation. But this cannot be taught 5 minutes before the exam. Medi-tation has to be learnt over a period of a whole year. Children must be taught to reach a state where they can fine-tune their minds whenever they want. We will teach them how to do so through the Siddha Samadhi Yoga Program.
If some children are unable to do the RCRT, they can at least learn how to fine-tune their mind to silence. Even this will show a 15 to 20 % increase in their marks. But those who go through the RCRT training are sure to obtain very high marks. Each one of our children can become a wizard, an extraordinary child. Vidya is this process whereby you go within your own mind and make it more competent, without having to train or learn to get this knowledge. But, both Vidya and Avidya can be used to gain all the knowledge.
Using Avidya i.e. from outside also you can learn; for e.g. you become a carpenter; do some work and are given money to survive. This is one way of overcoming death. But to attain immortality, you have to go deeper into your own silence. As you go deeper into silence, you start becoming happy for no reason. No noise, no external things are needed for you to be happy. The more self-sufficient you are, the happier you are, for nothing.
If you see devils around you then your happiness will go down. But if you see Gods around you, your happiness increases. It’s merely a change in your own Drishti i.e. vision, but goes a long way in increasing your levels of happiness. While one masters noise, the other masters silence. The Upanishad says that through Avidya, you win over death while Vidya helps you attain immortality by going deep within and attaining the power of the spirit. We train our children to master both, Vidya and Avidya. Our children will be able to get this knowledge, which will make them simply brilliant. This is the training that we are offering the whole country, to the whole world. The faster the teachers take it up the better

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