Gurukuls & the World

Q: Can Gurukuls be built today to save the world?

Guruji’s answer: Gurukul was the anchor of Indian civilization for centuries until the British came and systematically destroyed it.

In the state of Madras in the year 1800, there were 130,000 universities according to the British census. Today we have hardly a dozen universities. How was it possible.?

The answer is that all production centers were also centers of learning. Any metal moulding shop was also a training center under a Guru. Apprentices were trained in all areas of life and given food and shelter under a Guru.

Production was done as seva service to the Guru. People worked tirelessly to meet targets promised by their Guru. This they did everything with utmost devotion. Every piece was quality checked and much art was put into each item. More advanced students added more strength and art and made research on improving production. They were labs, art centers, learning centers and produc- tion centers all in one.

People listened to the Guru who was a picture of dedication to his students. They always remembered who brought them up. Gurus house was always full of people. It was the centre of activity of the community. Respect for all was the key learning as well as sharing of wealth. Nobody was left out. Guru absorbed all.

Today, we have Bosses and owners who want to simply pay the least and get the most. There is a vast gap between the owner and worker. Workers also do not co-operate. Only the jungle culture of survival of the fittest works and everyone is afraid of life. This has led to hoarding, poverty, lack of development and criminality in politics. Smart people who violate duty are rewarded. Generally, everyone is fed up.

How do we resolve this knot? No politician will do the trick.

Only Gurus who have the expertise to teach inward silence and outward dexterity to produce and ability to take care of large number of people to work in harmony to produce wealth can only do the job.

Many intelligent people are there who can be made to understand the Gurukul method of operation. They have to be given a working model for operation. I am sure that in a short while such models will come up especially with the current market melt down and necessity for local self sufficient economies.

We have started the process in our Gurukul at Maralwadi near Bangalore and in Vizag. We have started as a school, which is being transformed into a Gurukulam.

Salient features of the Gurukul are as follows: Everyone who wants to learn to share can come in. Everyone does what they can to keep the Gurukul a happy place on earth. We all eat from a common kitchen and share the expenses. Hardly any body spends time to shop and cook, which are the two major unproductive jobs in any modern family. There is enough time for a walk in the forest, time to sing and dance with little children who are our Gods on earth. We have started good housing for all. Frugality is natural because of Guru’s grace. Everyone is a owner and is encouraged to learn and progress to higher levels of responsibility. Young people are at the helm of affairs and there is plenty of opportunity for the willing ones to grow.

We want to train Gurus and not disciples. We all are willing to learn from Masonry to teaching maths. There is no low work or a highly paid work. Those who are high take the most minimum and support those who are not so well trained.

How can this place not progress? And How can it exist without attracting thousands to copy and live in harmony.

I have no doubt about the progress of our children with 100% marks and plenty of ability to contribute in all areas of life. They are the future Gurus and leaders for mankind. May God give me enough life to see them blossom and make this earth into a paradise.

We are actively sharing our knowledge of 100% memory and marks with all schools and children of the world. Let all jealousy in this world disappear. May everyone be happy and looked after with love and care.

Salutations to my Guru who taught me to laugh at myself and share what I have without fear of loss.

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