Commune & happy families

There are more orphaned elderly parents today than there are orphaned children.

The nuclear family is a failed experiment in human history. Most of our culture has come from large joint families of the agricultural age. Today we have already passed through the industrial age and landed in Information age. Today families are scattered and most children do not know their blood related cousins. The lonely child is a big problem for parents.

The answer is to live in communes of families who are spiritually related.

They will eat from a single kitchen. This allows children to have company. Grand parents can have company too.

Families share common facilities such as kitchen, water, electricity, gardens, gymnasiums, television rooms, library, reading room, recreation rooms and swimming pools, etc. Each family requires only two rooms with an attached bath, which costs around 2 lakhs compared to 20 lakhs for nuclear families.

Leaders who can catalyze families to live together are already available in RSVK. Families, who have to leave, can do so by taking their deposit of 2 lakhs back. Nobody is bound but everyone is freed up from many hours of cooking, child care, and lack of physical and emotional security.

Communes can also have excellent schools for their own small children as well as for the neighborhood.

These are the homes of the future, where joint family comfort and urban opportunities blend.

Already such communes are in existence at Bangalore and Vizag Schools for those who wish to join. Many more are coming up in the next few years.

We hope that all of mankind will live this way and bring happiness to all as in the agricultural age

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